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The Gift Pad is a well, s a place of spiritual transformation, forgiveness and eternal redemption. It is a tool to carry the most essential element to sustaining a productive and meaningful physical and spiritual life: Water (Living). The Gift Pad’s programs are metaphoric wells aimed at promoting healthy spiritual/ physical lifestyles and long-lasting family relationships; rebuilding communities and using technology to inspire miraculous change.
The Gift Pad, Gift Corps, Gift of Character, Bestow Schools, Bestow Early Learning Centers, Whack, Whack Kids, Win Honor Act Create Know, A Gifted Church, Teacakes
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Speak to my Soul

speaktoMYSOUL is a Christian lifestyle photographic publication that promotes and highlights events that emphasize and encourage philanthropy, charitable causes, missions and concern for the general well-being of the community.

Its inaugural publication is scheduled for October, 2015.


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