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The Gift Pad is a well, s a place of spiritual transformation, forgiveness and eternal redemption. It is a tool to carry the most essential element to sustaining a productive and meaningful physical and spiritual life: Water (Living). The Gift Pad’s programs are metaphoric wells aimed at promoting healthy spiritual/ physical lifestyles and long-lasting family relationships; rebuilding communities and using technology to inspire miraculous change.
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What is Gifted’s church service time and location?
Gifted’s worship service is in every Sunday, at 10:00 AM in the Bestow School classroom at The Gift Pad Christian Outreach Center, 712-25th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203, (205)326-0564. The service lasts one (1) hour and complimentary coffee and children’s services ae available.
Gifted also hosts a Bible study (Thankful Thursdays) on every, first Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon at the Boutwell Auditorium’s conference room, 1930 Abraham Woods Drive, Birmingham, AL 35203. The fellowship lasts one (1) hour and complimentary boxed lunch is served.


What is The Gifted Church (“Gifted”)?
Gifted is a Christian, inter-denominational, purpose driven church. Interdenominational simply means that each Biblically based, Christian church denomination contributes something of value to the rich Christian worship experience.
What does “Gifted” mean?
The word “gifted” is defined by Webster as “revealing a special gift.”


What is Gifted’s purpose? Gifted’s purpose is to reveal Christ’s “gift of salvation” to the world and to establish a Biblical and fiscally sound Christian church that fosters genuine fellowship and authentic Christian worship.


How do I connect with Gifted? Gifted is one church with several distinct opportunities to connect and serve. We encourage you to: 1. Worship with us on Sunday or on a first Thursday at the Boutwell Auditorium; 2. Volunteer at one of our outreach or volunteer events; and/or 3. Support our school and participate in our leadership training opportunities. Contact us at or at (205)326-0564.


My bio (Senior Pastor) and Adrianne’s bio (First Lady). Gifted’s financial and stewardship policy is guided by its Elder ministry and Gifted’s Deacon ministry provides support to carry out Gifted’s ecclesiastical and care objectives.